Gear hobbing machines

EUROMET FOZ800 Gear hobbing machine

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Edyta Skrzypek
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Frezarka obwiedniowa EUROMET FOZ800 wyposażona jest w układ centralnego smarowania oraz układ chłodzenia. Posiada uwarunkowane wymogami bezpieczeństwa osłony przestrzeni roboczej oraz elementów ruchomych maszyny. Maszyna znajduje zastosowanie przy produkcji seryjnej, małoseryjnej oraz jednostkowej kół zębatych, ślimacznic, wałków wielowypustowych i innych kształtów umiejscowionych na zewnętrznych powierzchniach walcowych.

EUROMET FOZ800 gear hobbing machine is equipped with a central lubrication and cooling system. It has safety-related protection of the working space and moving parts of the machine.
The machine is used in serial, small-lot and unit production of gears, wormwheels, splined shafts and other shapes located on external cylindrical surfaces.
The FOZ machines, thanks to the double walls of the column and the bed, are characterized by high rigidity and very low thermal deformation, which ensures highly efficient and accurate machining at high cutting parameters.
The machines are easy to operate and adjust, thanks to which one operator can operate several machines at the same time.
When machining wheels, the axial feed is possible clockwise and counterclockwise.

Standard equipment:
  • Tool mandrels
  • Shift wheels
  • Safety cover
  • PLC driver
  • Hydraulic system and lubrication system
  • Equipment for installing the machine
  • Machine marked with B - semi-automatic
  • Machine marked with X - highly productive with increased efficiency

Technical data Unit Value
Module [mm] 10
Workpiece diameter [mm] 800
Machining width [mm] 320
Minimum number of teeth [-] 8
Helix angle [°] +/- 45
Steady rest vertical travel [mm] 350
Distance between the spindle axis and the table surface [mm] 235 - 585
Distance between the spindle axis and the table axis [mm] 50 - 550
Distance between the steady axis and the table surface [mm] 400 - 630
Table diameter [mm] 650
Spindle speed [rpm/min] 40 - 200
Hole in the table [mm] 80
Spindle taper [-] Morse No 5
Tool shank diameter [mm] 27/32/40
Axial feed range [mm/rpm] 0,4 - 4
Main engine power [kW] 5,5
Total power [kW] 8,65
Tool dimension (diameter x length) [mm] 180x180
Dimensions [mm] 2800x1800x1900
Weight [kg] 6000


Gear hobbing machines
Priced individually
No rating
Gear hobbing machines
Priced individually
No rating
Gear hobbing machines
Priced individually
No rating


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