Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel

SOCO A SB-63x4A-2S CNC pipe bender

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Magda Kyrcz
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Telefon: 609504408

SOCO A series hydraulic bending machines equipped with CNC control and servo motor drives for 3-4 axes, with one, two or three stacks of dies. The unique DGT bending head drive system, using a gear transmission and a servo motor drive, ensures even greater bending efficiency and stability. Operation is simple and intuitive, and the bending accuracy is very high.

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Giętarki hydrauliczne SOCO serii A wyposażone w sterowanie CNC oraz napędy serwomotorami dla 3-4 osi, z jednym, dwoma lub trzema stosami matryc. Unikalny system napędu głowicy gnącej DGT, wykorzystujący przekładnię zębatą i napęd serwomotorem, zapewnia jeszcze większą wydajność i stabilność gięcia. Obsługa jest prosta i intuicyjna, dokładność gięcia natomiast na bardzo wysokim poziomie.
Main features of the device:
  • Unique head design – DGT system
  • CNC controller with touch screen
  • The tube carriage is fed using a toothed rack and a servomotor
  • Possibility to program two speeds of pin retraction
  • Central lubrication system for guides
  • 2 speeds of early stem retraction
  • Entering data in the YBC and XYZ system
  • Possibility to convert data from XYZ to YBC
  • bending arm equipped with an additional actuator supporting the bending process - booster
  • Electrical system equipped with a cooling system
  • Automatic lubrication system for the mandrel increases its life as well as the quality and accuracy of bending
  • Smoothing die support with lubrication
  • The control panel is placed on a movable base, enabling the most favorable positioning for the operator

Main control features:
  • Operating system running under Windows
  • Mitsubishi servomotors that feed and rotate the pipe
  • Possibility to save programs on hard disk or FDD
  • Ability to store 30,000 files (up to 110 bends per pipe)
  • Possibility of 3D visualization of the bent model
  • Possibility to convert from YBC to XYZ and vice versa
  • Possibility of freely rotating the element on the display
  • Possibility to download monthly production
Optional software:
  • Ability to read AutoCAD files
  • Possibility of connecting to a measuring system and reading current machine parameters
Standard equipment of SOCO A pipe benders:
  • Early pin retraction system
  • Automatic pin lubrication system
  • Central lubrication system
  • Bending die support system
  • Portable control panel
  • User manual

Technical data Unit Value
Diameter of the bent pipe (steel) [mm] 2.5 - 63.5
Diameter of the bent pipe (stainless steel) [mm] 2 - 63.5
Tube length with mandrel [mm] 3700
Bending radius [mm] 250
Bending accuracy [°] +/- 0,1
The accuracy of the positioning movements [°] +/- 0,1
Accuracy of the feed [°] +/- 0,1
Die radius difference [mm] 75
Dimensions [mm] 4960x 1400x 1400
Weight [kg] 5000


Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel
Priced individually
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Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel
Priced individually
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Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel
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