Universal /manual lathes


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Krzysztof Penkowski
E-mail: krzysztof.penkowski@eurometal.com.pl
Telefon: 603 400 333

Tokarka uniwersalna EUROMET D560X1500 przeznaczona do produkcji mało i wielko seryjnej oraz do pracy w narzędziowniach. Żeliwny odlew podstawy gwarantuje bardzo dobrą sztywność maszyny. Zwiększone wymiary umożliwiają obrabianie większych detali.

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The EUROMET D560X1500 universal lathe is designed for small and large series production and for work in tool shops. The cast iron base plate guarantees very good machine rigidity. Increased dimensions allow machining of larger details.
  • removable bridge
  • the bed base is made of cast iron - one element
  • hardened bed guides
  • heat-treated spindle nose
  • hardened change gears in the spindle gear
  • the full range of threads can be machined
  • feed selection lock: by a screw or by a shaft

Standard equipment
  • 3-jaw lathe chuck 315mm
  • 4-jaw 400mm lathe chuck
  • driving disc
  • steady rest
  • follow rest
  • thread indicator
  • digital readout for 2 axes
  • reduction sleeve MT 6/4
  • fixed tusk MT 4
  • cooling system
  • lighting
  • accelerated feed
  • User manual in English
  • CE declaration of conformity
Optional equipment (paid additionally):
  • quick-change holder
  • ruler for cones
  • digital readout for 3 axes

Technical data Unit Value
Turning diameter over bed [mm] 560
Turning diameter over cross slide [mm] 350
Turning diameter in the bridge [mm] 788
Turning length [mm] 1500
Bed width [mm] 350
Spindle flight [mm] 80
Turning length in the bridge [mm] 200
Spindle tip [-] D1-8
Spindle seat [-] Morse 7
Spindle speed range [rpm/min] 25 - 1600
Maximum tool dimensions [mm] 25x25
Longitudinal feed range [mm/rpm] 0,059 - 1,646
Cross travel range [mm/rpm] 0,02 - 0,573
Metric thread [mm] 0,2 - 14
Inch thread [-] 2-112 T.P.I.
Modular thread [-] 0,1-7 M.P.
Thread D.P. [-] 4-112 D.P.
Tailstock sleeve diameter [mm] 75
Extend the tailstock quill [mm] 180
Tailstock sleeve tip [-] No.5 Morse
Engine power [kW] 7,5
Coolant pump power [kW] 0,1
Dimensions [mm] 2840x1150x1460
Weight [kg] 2370


Universal /manual lathes
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Universal /manual lathes
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Universal /manual lathes
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