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Automatic surface grinding machine KENT USA KGS 1640 SD2

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Automatic surface grinding machine KENT USA KGS 1640 SD2 wyposażona w dwa serwomotory obsługujące posuw pionowy wrzeciennika oraz posuw poprzeczny stołu roboczego. Dzięki zastosowaniu automatycznego posuwu poprzecznego z możliwością precyzyjnego posuwu rzędu 0,001mm/przejście, możliwe jest precyzyjne szlifowanie pionowych krawędzi detalu, rowków czy wpustów.

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The KENT USA KGS 1640 SD2 automatic surface grinder uses a PLC controller and is a machine with the possibility of programming a full cycle of grinding a detail. Extended versions of KGS AHD grinders, equipped with a touch control panel, are available in two basic versions:
KGS SD1 - Grinder equipped with a PLC controller and a servo motor responsible for controlling the vertical movement of the headstock. Automatic vertical feed of 0.001-0.1mm / pass enables rough grinding, finishing and spark-out machining in one work cycle.
KGS SD2 - Grinder equipped with two servomotors supporting the vertical feed of the headstock and the transverse feed of the working table. Thanks to the use of automatic transverse feed with the possibility of a precise feed of the order of 0.001 mm / pass, it is possible to precisely grind the vertical edges of the workpiece, grooves or grooves.
Each KGS grinder, equipped with a hydraulic longitudinal drive of the working table, may be available in the SD1 or SD2 version.
Details of small dimensions may be less well held by an electromagnetic table with a standard scale. In order to ensure the correct holding of small details, an electromagnetic table with a smaller pitch (option) should be used.

The clamping force of the electromagnetic table is min. 100N / cm2. Alloy and high-alloy steels, due to the lower iron content, can be less well kept on the electromagnetic table. It should be remembered that materials such as copper, nickel, bronze and their alloys are diamagnets.

Standard equipment:
  • Grinding wheel
  • Rear guard
  • Magnetic table
  • PLC controller with Siemens touch panel
  • Vertical and cross feed servo motor
  • Static wheel balancer
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • User manual in English
Optional equipment (additionally payable):
  • Sustaining the table's operation in the event of a power failure - UPS
  • Device for parallel dressing of the grinding wheel
  • Device for dressing the grinding wheel at an angle
  • Basic magnetic separator
  • Magnetic separator with coolant pump and paper filter

Technical data Unit Value
The width of the table [mm] 400
Table length [mm] 1000
Longitudinal feed [mm] 1120
Cross feed [mm] 450
Distance from the table surface to the spindle axis [mm] 600
Maximum table load [kg] 700
T-slot for table clamping [mm] 3 x 14
Table speed [m/min] 5 - 25
Transverse travel per 1 division of the vernier scale [mm] 0,02
Transverse travel per revolution of the wheel [mm] 5
Transverse automatic feed per cut (SD1) [mm] 0,5 – 12
Transverse automatic feed per cut (SD2) [mm] 0,001/0,01/0,1
Accelerated cross feed [mm/min] 790
Grinding wheel size [mm] 355 x 40 x 127
Spindle rotation [rpm/min] 0 - 1450
Feed per revolution of the MGP wheel [-] x1, x10, x100
Minimal automatic vertical feed [mm] 0,001
Main engine power [kW] 5,5
Hydraulic pump motor power [kW] 2,2
Coolant pump motor power [W] 90
Cross feed motor power [W] 90
Floor area occupied [mm] 3600 x 2600
Weight [kg] 2950


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