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CNC lathe with inclined bed DMTG DL-25MH 310 x 1500

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12 months of warranty

Contact with a trader:
Magda Kyrcz
Telefon: 609504408

The DMTG DL-25MH 310 x 1500 CNC lathe with an inclined bed is widely used in industries such as automotive, mold production and bearing production. The machining range is very wide: turning, boring, drilling, reaming, expanding, chamfering and threading in one clamping.

Machine Features:
  • High Performance Spindle: The front and rear ends of the spindle are equipped with high-precision, high-speed NSK spindle bearings with adequate preload force. Combined with ideal span support and a box-type spindle housing, the spindle is characterized by high stiffness and the ability to operate at high speeds.
  • Hydraulic head with high axial stiffness, which ensures that the tool post has high anti-torsion stiffness and repeatable positioning accuracy.
  • The lathes use precision ball screws and linear rolling guides, ensuring high gear efficiency and excellent accuracy. The result is fast and stable movement of the tool head and high positioning accuracy.

Standard equipment:
  • Hydraulic 12-position turret for DL-M
  • Italian 12-position powered tool head for the DL-MH series
  • NSK spindle bearings and X/Z axis bearings
  • X/Z THK ball screws and X/Z THK linear guides
  • Hydraulic chuck without through hole
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • One axial and radial power tool holder for DL-MH
  • Standard tool kit
  • CE certificate
  • Instructions for use in English
Optional equipment (additionally paid):
  • Oil mist separator
  • Bar feeder and parts collection
  • German hydraulic rest
  • Through-hole hydraulic chuck
  • Automatic doors

Technical data Unit Value
Turning diameter over bed [mm] 1000
X-axis travel range [mm] 260
Z axis travel range [mm] 1600
Rotation speed [rpm/min] 3500
Spindle tip [-] A2-8
Spindle flight [mm] F87
X / Z accelerated feed [m/min] 12/12 prowadnica skrzynkowa, 24/16 prowadnica liniowa
Main spindle motor [kW] 22
Max. rotation diameter over bed [mm] 520
Max. turning diameter (shaft) [mm] 310
Max. turning diameter (disc) [mm] 310
Guide type [-] Sposób skrzynkowy, opcjonalnie: prowadnica liniowa (1000)
Handle size [*] 10
Tower type and number of tools [-] 12-pozycyjna wieża z oprzyrządowaniem osprzętowym
Tool shank size [mm] 25x25
Indexing time (adjacent/farthest) [s] 1,33
Positioning accuracy of the X/Z axis (C, Y) [mm] 0,011(44") / 0,021
Repeatability accuracy of the X/Z axis (C, Y) [mm] 0,004(18") / 0,009
External dimensions L x W x H [mm] 5200 x 2020 x 2110
Net weight [kg] 8300


CNC Lathes
Priced individually
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CNC Lathes
Priced individually
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CNC Lathes
Priced individually
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