Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel

KM-A25-CNC-520 pipe bender

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Contact with a trader:
Piotr Tymiński
E-mail: piotr.tyminski@eurometal.com.pl
Telefon: 603505252

King Mazon KM-A25-CNC-520 pipe bender with intelligent CNC control, 5 bending levels, for 25mm diameter pipes with automatic functions.

1. Industrial PC with intelligent CNC control managing 5 axes.
2. 5 axes controlled by servomotors
3. Programming via touch screen,
4. Bending with and without a mandrel
5. Possibility to enter data in the XYZ or YBC system. Possibility to convert XYZ data to YBC along with pipe length calculation.
6. We will use a hard drive to save programs.
7. The program saves the entered data in the event of a sudden power cut
8. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic functions
9. Possibility to simulate bending and observe interference points in order to make corrections and increase efficiency
10. The bending speed, feed and rotation speed can be individually adjusted for each program step
11. The automatic spindle lubrication system can be disabled from the control position
12. 3D graphics
13. Auto CAD files can be read by the control with automatic program creation
14. Automatic change of bending level when bending different radii
15. Elongation compensation and relaxation function
16. Diagnosis system with error alarms displayed

Component equipment

  • Servomotors - Japan MITSUBISHI
  • Servo control - Japan MITSUBISHI
  • Sensors - Germany DEFUR
  • Relays - France SCHNEIDER
  • Connectors - France SCHNEIDER
  • Contactors - France SCHNEIDER
  • Thermals - France SCHNEIDER
  • Pump motor - Sweden ABB
  • Pump - USA Vickers
  • Solenoid valves - Germany REXROTH

Technical data Unit Value
Diameter of the bent pipe (steel) [mm] 0.01 - 25.4
Diameter of the bent pipe (stainless steel) [mm] 0.01 - 19.05
Tube length with mandrel [mm] 1500
Bending radius [mm] 100
Bending angle [°] 0-190
Bending speed [°/sec] 40
Feed speed [mm/s] 750
Bending accuracy [°] ±0.1
Accuracy of the feed [°] ±0,1
Main engine power [kW] 4
B axis rotation accuracy [°] ±0,1
C axis bending accuracy [°] ±0,1
Wall thickness [mm] 1,5
Die radius difference [mm] 40
Dimensions [mm] 3500x800x1350
Weight [kg] 1000


Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel
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Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel
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Pipe and section bending machines - with mandrel
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