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Water cutting machines

New Intermac range dedicated to waterjet cutting. Being able to process a virtually unlimited range of materials, regardless of the size of the number and size of material solutions, Primus 322-324-326 and 184 can adapt perfectly to different and specific production needs of various sectors. Primus 322-324-326 and 184 is easy to use, offers low maintenance and high productivity, to meet the most demanding applications in terms of flexibility, precision and performance. Primus combines performance and versatility of technology with the reliability and ease of use of Intermac solutions. In a few words, Primus makes an art of essentiality. Cutting is carried out by means of a supersonic waterjet, which is obtained by concentrating a flow of high pressure water through a hole that is adequately calibrated. The result is a consistent waterjet travelling at nearly three times the speed of sound (810 m/s). The waterjet can add abrasive or not depending on the material to cut. Waterjet systems allow flexible cutting of pieces with the most varied geometries and on a limitless variety of materials.


The main benefits of waterjet technology in the metal applications are:  

No Limits

      • Possible to cut any kind of materials such as: Aluminium, Stainless steel, metal and non metal materials, copper, titanium or any other kind of materials  
      • Possible to cut any material thickness from 0 to 200/250 mm  independent of kind of material 
      • Possibility to cut complex designs with extreme ease and quality, possibility to realize any kind of complex shape and outline, carrying out small beams, holes, notches, complex internal and external profiles without inlet points or piercing
      • Possibility to realize holes with a different diameter directly inside the piece


 The waterjet technology allows a strong increase production capability and possibility to diversify the productivity with high value machining:



      • High cutting speed to realize complex shape also for thick materials 
      • Possibility to manage the cutting speed in operating the quality edge inquiry by production demand and by the value of the final piece, it allows to control the cost and time production  
      • No heat effect zone on the edge

Save time 

      • No piece fixing system
      • No change tools for different materials, for different thickness material and king of work

Save money 

  • Possibility of optimization (nesting) for pieces positioning on the slab allows to reduce the waste material

Standard equipment:

  • 3 axis machine
  • BHDT intensifier
  • Automatic abrasive dosing system
  • laser cutting point indicator
  • anti-collision system
  • Control panel
  • Remote control with MPG wheel
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Automatic water level control
  • Sheet washing system
  • CAD/CAM software with nesting function
  • Remote diagnostics and Teleservice


Additional equipment:

  • Side rolls on tale for easier sheet loading
  • Automatic abrasive removal system
  • 5-axis head
  • Additional cutting head

Work area





Maximum loadable piece





Z axis stroke

250mm (200mm przy głowicy 5-cio osiowej)

Maximum X-Y axis speed



Table load


A axis

+/- 60o

C axis

Unlimited (unlimited)

Intensifier power

from 22 to 75kW

Max. pressure


Max. water flow rate

from 2 to 7,8 l/min

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