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Tool milling machine EUROMET FN 40A

This machine is designed to be a middle-size Universal Tool Milling Machine, which can perform procedures such as milling, boring, drilling and slotting, etc, and is suitable for machining cutter, fixture, die and mould, and other components with complex figuration. With the aid of various special attachments, it can machine all kinds of components such as spiral, arc, gear, rack, spline and so on. 

  • Well-known and well-rounded construction based on MAHO German machine.
  • Rich standard equipment for slotting, drilling, milling, tapping etc.
  • Machine designer for tool-shops, workshops, for complicated detail individual production.
  • Vertical and horizontal milling.
  • Rapid Leeds for X, Y and Z axis.




Standard equipment: 

  • Universal table (horizontal)
  • Rotary and tilting table
  • Rotary table
  • Dividing plate
  • Slotting head
  • Vertical milling head
  • Operating manual
  • CE conformity declaration 

Additional equipment:

  • Digital readout
  • Vice
Technical dataUnit Value
Horizontal working table(LxW) [mm] 400x800
Vertical working table(LxW) [mm] 250x950
Longitudinal/Transverse/Vertical Travel [mm] 500/350/400
Universal table Horizontal swivel [°] ± 360
Inclination to front and rear [°] ± 30°
Inclination on left and right [°] ± 30°
Vertical milling head Vertical travel of quill [mm] 60 mm
Axis inclination on left and right [°] ± 90°
Horizontal spindle Taper hole ISO 40
The height from axis to ground [mm] 1330 mm
Min. distance between axis and surface of horizontal table 35 mm
Vertical spindle Taper hole ISO 40
Min. distance between nose and surface of horizontal table 5 mm
Horizontal and vertical spindle speed (18 steps) [rpm/min] 40-2000
Longitudinal, transverse and vertical feeds (18 speeds) [mm/min] 10-500
Axial feed of quill of vertical milling head (3 steps) [mm/rpm] 0,03-0,12
Power of main motor/Feed motor [kW] 3 kW / 1,5
Max. table load [kg] 400 kg
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)/net weight [mm/kg]   2050x1760x2080  / 3000

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