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Plasma cutting machines

Dynamic, Dynamic Speed HQ and VXstandard CNC plasma cutting machines made by Polish producer Stigal are designed for effective, fast and precise metal cutting. Depending on customer needs, these machines can be configured in many ways and are able to cut not only flat metal sheet but also pipes (with additional extension and pipe turn-table). Maximal worktable length can be extended to 12 meters.

Dynamic series
Dynamic plasma cutting machines meld best characteristics of compact type machines with big portal machines. It uses best amount of modern and innovative solutions that Stigal company provides. Best quality servomotor drive and light portal construction makes these machines very fast.


Dynamic HQ series
These machines are developed models of Dynamic series. They assure even more fast and precise detail cutting. Designed for customers who need best quality and extra efficiency. Dynamic Speed HQ machines make fastest cut and is really easy and enjoyable to work on.


Machines are equipped with:

  • ASD – active, hydraulic pressure system that controls gear wheel to main gear clearance, giving best positioning accuracy
  • Enhanced portal movement speed up to 90 m/min
  • HS+ Z-axis support with 330mm/s approach speed
  • 3 times faster cutting speed with still the same cut quality
  • Better quality of sharp edges and holes
  • Acceleration and braking to full speed within 0,15s

VXstandard series
VX standard CNC plasma cutting machines are equipped with special design, rigid, made of aluminum profile portal system. Main body construction is separated from worktable. It is made of good quality welded steel profiles, anchored to floor. Hardened steel portal guideways can work in hard industrial conditions, giving best quality movement through whole exploitation time. Four dynamic servomotor drives and lightweight portal construction give good dynamic parameters of movement.


Standard equipment:

  • 4 servomotor drive system: Y axis is driven by two servomotors
  • Automatically controlled plasma cutting power source
  • Full control panel equipped with touch screen
  • Operation manual
  • CE conformity declaration


Additional equipment:

  • LWP – laser pointer for plasma torch
  • MPP – center punching system
  • MZP – pneumatic identification system
  • SRC 110 – radio control system
  • Portal extension
  • Pipe turn-table
  • Gas torch
  • Ventilator and filtration system for table sections


Worktable width 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 mm
Worktable length from 1000 to 24000 mm
Drive X: 2 x servomotor AC – double side
Y: 1 x servomotor AC
Z: 1 x servomotor AC

Approach speed 20 m/min
Code format G-Code, 0,01mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 0,05mm
Plasma cut plate thickness Depending on plasma aggregate
Gas cut plate thickness standard: 100 mm, optional: 200 300 mm
Guideways steel, hardened, grinded (62-64 HRC)


Worktable width 1000, 1500, 2000 mm
Worktable length From 1000 to 12000 mm
Plasma cut plate thickness Depending on plasma aggregate

X: 2 x servomotor AC – double side
Y: 1 x servomotor AC
Z: 1 x servomotor AC

Approach speed 22 m/min
Code format G-code, 0,01 mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 0,05 mm
Guideways steel, hardened, grinded (62-64 HRC)


X:         2 x servomotor AC – double side
Y:         1 x servomotor AC

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