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Pipes laser cutting machines SOCO SLT-152 FIBER

SOCO’s introduces its newest generation in tubes and profiles processing technology – the Laser Cutting System “SLT-150”. With over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing experience in tube cutting technology, SOCO is specialized in solutions for the Tube and Pipe industries, and the new Laser Cutting Line is the ultimate solution for joining multiple machining processes in one system for maximum flexibility, automation and performance.

  • Automatic laser cutting system for tubes, square tubes, rectangle tube and profile shapes
  • Max. tube diameter - 152mm, wall thickness up to 6mm (black steel)
  • The machine utilizes a fiber laser, so manufacturing and maintenance costs are marginal
  • The machine is suitable for cutting regular steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other problematic materials
  • Some of the available processes:
    Angle cutting
    Hole making
  • The machine can process materials of various shapes
  • Easy import of CAD 2D/3D files and systems creation
  • May replace other traditional machines for complicated detail processing
  • The machine is equipped with safety guards pursuant to the Machine Directive, CE.

Standard equipment:

  • SOCO SLT 152 machine with 5 servomotor powered axes
  • Feed system with 6500mm table and rotating head
  • Laser resonator 1000W
  • Cutting head with fast replaceable lens system and head height capacitive sensor
  • High-pressure fumes valve
  • Tube magazine 6500mm
  • Material unloading system with 2000mm table
  • Air conditioning system
  • Cutting head cooling system
  • Fumes extraction system
  • Cutting fumes hose
  • Cooling fumes hose
  • Control system
  • One licence for SOCO-CAD (may be installed on one additional computer)
  • One industrial computer with CF / USB / Ethernet
  • Internet connection and IRMS
  • One set of lenses
  • Feed conveyor jaws (automatic alignment) x2 (20 – 80 mm and 75 – 150 mm)
  • Rotation system rollers (automatic alignment) x2 (20 – 80 mm and 75 – 150 mm)
  • Consumables: 
    a) Nozzle: 1.2 x 2, 1.5 x 2, 2.0 x 2
    b) Optical system shields x5

Optional equipment:

  • laser source 2000W
  • unloading table 3000 mm
  • seam detection
  • nozzles
  • glass optical system shields
  • lenses
Parameter  unitvalue
Cutting capacity Round tube [mm] 20-152
Square tube [mm] 20x20-120x120
Rectangular tube [mm] 20x20 – Max outet circle 150 mm
Lenght of raw   [mm] 2000-6500
Max. lenght of finished parts   [mm] 2000 (optional 3000)
Max work piece weight   [kg] 120
Max bunndle weight   [kg] 4000
Speed: X Axis [m/min] 100
Y Axis [m/min] 25
Z Axis [m/min] 30
A Axis [°/s] 720
Precission: Positioning [mm] +/- 0.2
Dispertions [mm] +/- 0.2
Wall thickness of Work Piece   [mm] 0.6-6.4
Laser flated power   [kW] 2 (optional 2.5)
Dimension   [mm] 12950x4673x2190
Fross weight   [kg]

Loader 5000
Laser cutting base 3300
Machine base 4700
Unloader 3000
Chiller 1000
Dust collector 800

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