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Automatic bandsaw IMET CUBO 300E Flat

Innovative band saw for medium-sized pipes, rods and profiles, CUBO 300 E Flat is an automatic-hydraulic band saw with electronic control. The machine offers the possibility of cutting at an angle from 0 ° to 45 ° in an automatic cycle and up to 60 ° in a semi-automatic cycle.

Device features:

  • Possibility of cutting at an angle (rotation of the arm up to 60° to the right)
  • Hydraulically adjustable arm feed
  • Hydraulic working and feeding vice
  • Two belt speeds
  • Single material feed max. 515 mm
  • Possibility of programming multiple applications before the cutting cycle

The machine offers the possibility of cutting at an angle from 0° to 45° in an automatic cycle and up to 60° in a semi-automatic cycle.

System improving work efficiency. in your company!!!

SAWfactory4 is software developed by the IMET technical department, dedicated to our automatic band saws and circular saws. The software (also in the form of applications) allows you to manage all IMET machines with numerical control (NC): it is possible to check the state of the machine in real time, set the cutting line and parameters, and remotely manage the cutting process.

Thanks to the intelligent, intuitive, easy-to-use interface (both from a mobile device and a desktop computer) we can control all the main settings with just a few clicks, which also allows you to control several processes on different machines with one software, optimizing the work process and transforming work environment in Industry 4.0.

The main advantages of SAWFactory4 are:

  • Device status overview
  • View and export cutting treatments
  • Review and export of cutting processes
  • Creating and setting new cutting programs
  • Modification of any cutting program
  • Importing the optimized cutting program (NESTING) from LogiBARRE and .csv files.
  • Teleservice: support and analysis of problems with the IMET technician


SAWfactory4 can be used in most automatic IMET band saws and Circulas saws from both Premium and Maxi lines.

  • CUBO 300 NC FLAT
  • CUBO 300 NC
  • BS 350/60 AFI-NC
  • BS 400/60 AFI-NC
  • SIRIO 370 AF-NC
  • VELOX 350 AF-NC
  • H 601 NC F500-1500
  • H 700/800/1200 NC F1500-3000
  • XSMART3KTECH 502/652 F2000
  • KTECH 702/802/1202 F3000-6000

Standard equipment:

  • Cooling system
  • Bimetallic tape - 1 item in the machine
  • User manual in English
  • CE certificate

Optional equipment:

  • Roll feeders
  • Oil mist lubrication system (micronizer)
  • Laser cutting line indicator
  • Vise clamping force regulator
  • Smooth belt speed regulation (inverter)
  • Strain gauge for precise adjustment of belt tension
Technical dataValueUnit
Belt size 2765 x 0.90 x 27 [mm]
Belt speed 35/70 [m. min – 1]
Overall dimensions 1940 x 1680 x 1830 [mm]
Weight 870 [kg]
Cutting angle
255 300 x 180 230
45° 210 200x160 190
60° 135 130x100 110

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