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Workshop hydraulic presses

Profi Press workshop hydraulic presses with pressure force from 15 to 200T are extremely durable and heavy-duty. Every workshop press construction made of welded steel profiles is rigid and stable. Hydraulic unit works precisely and easy. Worktable height can be set by stopping bars. Depending on pressure force, machines come with hand operated, foot operated or motorized hydraulic system. Every machine comes with V-prisms as standard. 

Machines are designed to:

  • Bending and straightening rods, shafts, pivots, profile sections, rods, bars
  • Fitting bearings, bushings, pivots
  • Pressing shapes, holes, making perforation and many other operation

 Standard equipment:

  • Operation manual
  • CE conformity declaration
  • Set of V-prisms 

Additional equipment:

  • Set of special purpose prisms, stencils

Technical dataUnit15T30T50T60T100T160T200T
Pressure force kN 147,15 294,3 490,5 588 981 1570 1960
Cylinder stroke mm 160 160 160 225 400 400 400
Oil tank capacity l 1,5 1,5 2,3 4,5 4,8 20 30
Operation type (H-hand operated, M-motorized) - H H/M H/M  H/M  H/M  H/M  H/M
Working width mm 555 560 750 750 920 1100 1200
Weight kg 117 150 250 655 925 1575 2150

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