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Pipe bending machine KM-PB

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Producent: SOCO

Universal pipe bending machine with the use of the mandrel. The machine is equipped with a guide is installed on a carriage with rotary head. Bender control is via the touch screen and PLC. The machine is available in two versions, the drive head bending: electric or hydraulic.

Machine Features: 

  • Machine control via touch screen and PLC
  • Features of the machine: manual, semi-automatic and automatic
  • Control in Polish language
  • The ability to record up to 9 bending angles for one program
  • Display an error message
  • Counter function can accurately count workpieces quantity.
  • Bending head drive hydraulic or electric
  • hydraulic clamping die (in the electric machine manual)
  • In the model driven hydraulic, valve to regulate the pressure
  • The machine is equipped with a rotary head installed on the moving carriage
  • 4 stops on length and rotation
  • Ability to work with mandrel and without mandrel
  • Sliding carriage with manual clamping tube (three jaw chuck)
  • Cross travel of the carriage according to the radius of curvature
  • Hydraulic extension mandrel (on electric machine - Manual) 

Optional equipment:

  • extension mandrel
  • head with collet camping pipe
  • more stop on length and rotation
  • DRO on length and rotation position 
technical dataunitvalue
Max round pipe  [mm]  42x3.0
Max bending radius  [mm]  260
Max. round pipe (bending with mandrel)  [mm]  30
Max. wall thickness  [mm]  2.0
Bending radius  [mm]  60
Bending angle  [°]  0-190
Mandrel working distance  [mm]  3000
Bending speed  [°/sek]  6°
Bending accuracy  [°]  ± 0.15
Motor for hydraulic  [kW]  3
Total wieght  [kg]  780

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