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EUROMET FOZ 500 and EUROMET FOZ 800 Gear Hobbing Machine

FOZ gear hobbing machines are destined both for mass production and single detail machining details like gear wheels, splines, scrolls and other details. Very good rigidity, low heat deformation assure best machining parameters even with aggressive processing. Easy to regulate, maintain and use, equipped with automatic cycle end function. When machine finishes work cycle, spindle and worktable moves to start position automatically. Machines are equipped with automatic lubrication system and cooling system.

Standard equipment:

  • Detail shank
  • Spindle shanks
  • Gear change wheels
  • Set of standard tools
  • Grease gun
  • Operation manual
  • CE conformity declaration

Additional equipment:

  • Vertical tool holder
Technical dataUnit FOZ 500 FOZ 800

Max. machined detail diameter

[mm] 500 800 

Max. modulus

[mm] 8 10 

Max. detail thickness

[mm] 250 320 

Min. number of teeth


Max. helix angle

[°] +/- 45 +/- 45 

Max. vertical stroke steady

[mm] 300 350 

Distance from the hob center to the worktable center

[mm]  235 – 535 235 – 585 

Distance from the hob center to the worktable surface   

[mm] 30 – 330 50 – 550 

Distance from outer bracket center to the worktable surface

[mm] 400 – 630 400 – 630 

Diameter of the worktable

[mm] 510 650 

Table hole diameter

[mm] 80 80 

Spindle taper

  Morse No 5 Morse No 5 

Max. size of the hob

[mm]  160x160 180x180 

Dia. of standard shanks (standard equipment) 

[mm] 22/27/32 27/32/40 

Spindle speed

[RPM] 40 – 250 40 – 200 

Max. speed of worktable

[RPM] 0,4 – 4 0,4 – 4 

Total power*

[kW] 6,55 8,65 

Main motor power*

[kW] 4 5,5 



Machine dimension

[mm]  2,4x1,3x1,8  2,8x1,8x1,9 
Machine weight [kg] 4500/5000  6000/7000 

*machine with improved performance is correspondingly larger main engine power and more power overall

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