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CNC machining center VDL

VDL machining centers feature high reliability, high-precision and high rigidity. They are suitable for machining small to medium batches of plate and disk parts. Linear and circular interpolation can be performed during operation. Various operations like milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping can be finished automatically in one setup.

Standard accesories:

  • FANUC 0i-MD CNC control system
  • Chip conveyor
  • Cooling system
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • 20 or 24 tool magazine system
  • Manual in English
  • CE certificate

Additional accesories:

  • Cooling through spindle
  • Tool measuring system
  • 4-th axis
  • Spindle temperature control
  • 10000 rpm spindle speed
  • Air-conditioned electric cabinet
Technical dataUnitVDL600AVDL800VDL1000VDL1300
Table dimension (L x W) [mm] 800x420 900x420 1120x560 1300x560
T-slot (number x width x pitch) [mm] 3x18x125 5x18x100
Max. table load [kg] 500 750
Distance between spindle center to Z axis guide way [mm] 510 629
Distance between spindle nose to table surface [mm] 150-670 135-735
Travel of X/Y/Z [mm] 600/420/520 800/420/520 1020/560/600 1270/560/600
Rapid feed rate X/Y/Z [m/min] 24/24/20 24/24/18
Feed rate [mm/min] 1-10 000
Spindle motor power [kW] 7,5/11
Spindle speed [rpm/min] 60-8 000
Spindle taper [-] ISO 40(7/24)
Tool taper [-] BT40
Max. tool weight [kg] 7
Max. tool dimension [-] 77/280 77/305
Tool change time [s] 6-8
Positioning accuracy [mm] X, Z: 0.020
Y: 0.020
X, Z: 0.016
Y: 0.012
Re-positioning accuracy [mm] X, Z: 0.008
Y: 0.006
X, Z: 0.010
Y: 0.008
CNC control system [-] FANUC 0i-MD
Air pressure requirement [MPa] 0.6
Power requirement [KVA] 25
Machine dimension (L x W x H) [mm] 3000x2250x2480 3420x2280x2480
Weight brutto [kg] 5500 6000 7800 8100

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