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5-axis machining center BX - tilting head + rotary table

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Producent: Pinnacle

BX series machines by Pinnacle offer the latest and most precise 5-axis technology in the market. Simplify setup and production of complex and multi-sided parts without sacrificing precision and accuracy and saving time. Optimized 5-axis concepts meet every requirement and prevail in all industries worldwide BX series designed by Pinnacle that are High rigidity structure to provide widest working range. Hi quality Meehanite casting iron, tempered for stress relief and over HB190 hardness to ensure deformation-free performance year and year.

Movable tool magazine system designed by linear guideway and hydraulic system to move ATC backward over after tools changed. B axis would rotate up to 120° without any interference.

Head Balancing system is through a close-loop pneumatic cylinder system. An accumulator is equipped in the air circuit to ensure fast and stable Z axis movement and give hi quality finish.

Coolant through ball screws an X, Y axis minimizes thermal deformation and backlash, while ensuring smooth motion during raped traverse

BX series combine Heidenhain iTNC530 smart controller system that is a user-friendly, reliable and Hi-Tech controller includes DCM (Dynamic Collision Monitoring), TCPM (Tool Center Point Management) and Title & Plane function.

Standard Accessories

  • Air blast through spindle
  • Air blast for workpiece
  • Coolant system
  • 3 axes telescopic covers
  • Full splash guard
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Working lamp
  • Operation status light
  • Rigid tapping
  • Arm type 24-tool ATC
  • Z axis pneumatic balance system
  • Air gun / water gun
  • MPG handwheel
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Encoder for B axis and C axis
  • Hollow ball screws with cooling system
  • RS-232 interface


Optional Accessories

  • Control system: FANUC 0i-MC/ 18i-MB, SIEMENS 802D SL/ 810D/ 840D, FAGOR 8055i Plus, MITSUBISHI M70/ M720/ M730, HEIDENHAIN
  • Tool magazine: Arm type, Carousel type
  • Cooling through spindle
  • Cooling system with paper filter
  • Ability to resignate with additional rotary table (4 axis machine)
Technical dataUnitBX300ABX500A BX500 BX700A BX700 BX7900
Table size mm 1300x610  1450x610 1600x700 1700x850
Rotating table diameter mm Ø320  Ø500 Ø630 Ø800
Diameter of table hole mm Ø70  Ø60  Ø50  Ø75  Ø60 -
X axis travel mm 1140  1300 1400 1500
Y axis travel mm 610 710 900
Z axis travel mm 810 610  680  810  1000
Max. table load kg 600 800 1200  1200
Spindle nose to table surface mm 110-920 110-720  180-990  110-790  115-1115
Spindle taper [-] BT40 DIN40
Spindle speed rpm 15000 
Spindle motor power kW 15/18 15/19.4 
Milling head tilting range [-] +/-120° 
Rapid feed rate (X, Y, Z) m/min 36/36/24  20/20/16
Feed rate mm/min 10000
Positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.003
Tool magazine type [-] drum/chain
Tool storage capacity [-] 30/40 30/40/60
Max. tool diameter mm Ø90/Ø75
Max. tool length mm 250
Max. tool weight kg 8
Machine dimension (LxWxH) mm 3100x2230x3100 3890x3180x3200 4450x4339x3450
Machine weight kg 6500  6800  7000  11000 12000 16000

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