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EUROMET WFA boring machine

The spindle system features strong rigidity, it is suitable for rough machining and force cutting, hence improve machining efficiency. The machine bed, column, upper and lower saddle all adopt rectangular guideways with PTFT on the surfaces, featuring wear-resisting, press-resisting and good stability Radial tool holder of facing head on the headstock head for radial machining Optional pulley support for thread machining Rapid traverse of all movable parts Rotary worktable is positioned with pin at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270° clamping manually, featuring exact positioning and high accuracy Counterweight balance for headstock, with stable motion Safety device will be tripped when overload feeding, avoid damaging workpiece and tool Every movable part is trimmed by hand and operated by hand-wheel. The hand-wheel retracts automatically when power feeding or rapid traverse of any movable part, so as to make operation conveniently and reliably.

Standard equipment:

  • Rapid traverse for All movable parts
  • Rotary worktable positioned with pin at 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°
  • Safety device for feeding overload protection avoid
  • Operations manual
  • CE conformity declaration

Optional  equipment:

  • digital readout device
  • boring tool rod
  • universal boring rack
  • facing head frame
  • spanner
  • steady
  WFA 110WFA 110/2WFA 110/3WFA 110/4WFA 130WFA 130/2WFA 130/3WFA 130/4
Spindle diameter [mm] 110 130
Worktable size   1320 x 1010 1320 x 1010 1320 x 1010 1320 x 1010 1320 x 1010 1320 x 1010 1320 x 1010 1320 x 1010
Max.loading of worktable [kg] 5000
Distance from spindle center to worktablesurface [mm] 5-905
Longitudinal and transverse travel oftable [mm] 1100
Headstock vertical travel [mm] 850 1200 1200 1800 850 1200 1200 1800
Axial travel of spindle [mm] 900 900 900 1200 900 900 900 1200
Axial travel of spindle [mm] 550
Max.boring diameter [mm] 240
Max.drilling diamter [mm] 50
Inner hole taper of spindle   Morse 6 Morse 8
Radial travel of facing head tool holder [mm] 160
Max. allowable axial feed force on spindle [N] 13000
Spindle speed step   18
Facing head speed step   16
Spindle speed range [RPM] 12-950
Facing head speed range [RPM] 4-160
Main motor power [kW] 6,5/8 9/11
Overall dimensions (DxSxW) [mm] 4970x 2100x 3010 4970x 2330x 3010 4970x 2100x 3010 4970x 2717x 3120 4970x 2100x 3010 4970x 2330x 3010 4970x 2330x 3010 4970x 2717x 3120
Net weight [kg] 10700 12500 10700 14500 10700 12500 10700 14500

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